How To Dress LIke Claire Set

How To Dress Like: Clare Edwards (Degrassi) Pt 2

Keyhole dress
$11 –

Mexx long top
$78 –

Henri Lloyd printed top
$46 –

Ponte blazer

Dsquared2 jeans
$335 –

Steve Madden winged shoes

Canvas handbag

Gucci leather rucksack
$965 –

Aventurine jewelry

Rock N Rose flower jewelry
$15 –

“Renny” is Carolina’s Truth? New Hit Single “Hold Up”

Renny has dropped his first single “Hold Up.” With its smooth and charismatic lyrics you can’t help but to be intrigued by every part of this song.

Renny is a hip hop recording artist from South Carolina that has been influenced by a lot of major artists such as T.I., Camouflage, Lil Boosie, and many more.

“I just want my fans and listeners to feel my vibe and see things from my point of view and perspective” Renny says.


If you would like to stay updated with Renny follow him @geechiemane on twitter and visit for more updates


Bad Azz (album)

Charlamagne: “Chris Brown Puts Drama On Himself” [VIDEO]


Charlemagne is right

Originally posted on The Urban Daily:


Charlamagne spoke to DJ Vlad about Chris Brown bringing all the drama on himself by letting things that shouldn’t bother him…bother him and then acting out about it. He spoke on what he would have done had he been in Chris Brown’s situation. Check out what he had to say below!

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Team Breezy we know you’re mad but be honest does he have even a little bit of a point or nah? Take our poll and have your say! Does Chris Brown continue to bring all these issues on himself or are people just out to get him? What say you?

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TLC’s Chilli And T-Boz Slap Back At Pebbles And Crystal Selene Jones

TLC Movie Fallout: Pebbles And Crystal Selene Jones Are Reportedly…

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VIDEO: Cipha Sounds Calls Out DJ Khaled

Originally posted on ItsTheDaily:


DJ Khaled and Rick Ross recently made their way over to HOT 97 to have a sit down with Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds.  Watch as Ciph takes the opportunity to confront DJ Khaled about not showing the same love and support back that he initiated towards the DJ-producer early on in his career.  The radio host opens up about being one of the few DJ’s to even play Khaled’s to which DJ Khaled completely disagrees and even goes so far as to say that Cipha is lying.  What appears to be an innocent back and forth discussion between two friends eventually gets a bit heated as Cipha rebuttals Khaled’s claims and becomes more aggressive before the visual fades to black.  Guess we’ll have to wait for part two to see what happened.

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Jermaine Jackson Threatened With Jail For Back Child Support


Man this is crazy Jermaine buying cars and owing back child support $12,000 is not a lot though when you really think about it especially when you can go and buy a ferrari fresh off the lot.

Originally posted on The Urban Daily:



Wow! TMZ is reporting that Jermaine Jackson who literally just bought a rare $160K blue Ferrari a month ago is in trouble once again for back child support.

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Apparently he’s required to pay his children’s mother Alejandra Jackson $3K a month for his 13-year-old Jermajesty and 17-year-old Jaafar. However he hasn’t paid anything for quite some time and the amount has gotten up to $12,000.00 so the courts are stepping in.

According to court docs obtained by TMZ, of the $12K that he owes in back payments he’s only paid $85! Again, that doesn’t look too slick when you just dropped over a hundred thousand on a car!

The L.A. County Child Support Services Dept. has filed papers asking a judge to hold Jermaine in contempt which could put him behind bars for 20 days. Yikes!


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K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton Beefing….AGAIN!

Originally posted on Power 107.5:

k michelle and tamar

K. Michelle and Tamar have had beefy past. However, it all seemed to be squashed when they both released an album. But you know what they say, theres always a quiet before the storm, and the thunder to spark the rain started last night! Tamar Braxton was asked about K. Michelle on Arsenio Hall’s show and she responded saying ‘Kmart? Where they sell Nicki’s clothes at? That’s the only ‘K’ I know!.”


So naturally, K. Michelle responded through twitter,


 photo ktweets2.png  photo kmicellesfdfdfd.png


Oh snap, sounds like round two just started……..


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Chief Keef To Begin Jail Sentence Today

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Rock The Bells - San Bernardino, CA - Day 1

Chief Keef has announced that he is set to begin a jail sentence today. The rapper announced this via Instagram.

Keef’s reason for turning himself in and going to jail jail has not been announced.

Keef was arrested several times this year.

Chief Keef was released from a juvenile detention center in March. He was incarcerated due to a probation violation.

Keef was arrested two times in May. That month, Keef was arrested at Le Meridien Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia for disorderly conduct after smoking marijuana in his room. Approximately a week later, Keef was arrested in Chicagoland for driving more than 110 mph in a 55 mph zone. He also reportedly had too many passengers in the car while on a Illinois Junior License.

In June, Keef was arrested for what was believed to be misdemeanor trespassing.

In September, Keef was ordered to be arrested due to a missed…

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